Paradise Pod

Tiny Scarves

Episode Summary

High Hopes, Small Scarves: Portland Loss Reviewed

Episode Notes


In addition to our second loss on the trot, the dawgs discuss the XFL, the versatility of various hot sauces, and whether or not Pins Mechanical is A Good Bar.

Josh once again attempts to sow discord in the podverse. Seth returns to discuss a change to his regular wardrobe. Donald continues to get distracted by the TV. Maybe we should turn it off while we're recording?

The fellas drop a quick preview of Toronto, and Andy's question corner returns!

Which one of the boys is a pawg, and which ones are thots? All this and more within. Come on over.


*our reaction was instant, but I realize the pod was not. Hopefully we'll get to the point where we're just live streaming our existence 24/7 and the pod becomes irrelevant. Because our lives ARE the pod, and the pod is our lives. The pod singularity. Ahh, imagine.....